One of the most exciting (and difficult) parts of working for Problem Solvers is the lack of distinct categories into which our products fit. We've got products that work well for cyclocross (because the bikes are hod-podges to begin with), and we've got plenty that're good for commuting (because it co-opts parts from all disciplines), but most of our stuff falls under the "parts and accessories" category without a definite discipline assigned. 

Most of the time, we put a product out there for a specific use, but inevitably we find our stuff being used for purposes we never thought of. I recently received an email informing me that our Cable Doublers and Travel Agents have "deeply permeated" the bike polo scene. And while I think that's probably a stretch, we've decided to sponsor an event for the first time: Boston Bike Polo's Winter Lockdown tournament takes place January 15 & 16th in Saugus, MA. 

 Winter Lockdown

What do Cable Doublers and Travel Agents have to do with Bike Polo? Well...

Bike polo requires the rider to carry and swing a mallet, the other hand controlling a brake. With a Cable Doubler 1:2, the rider can use two brakes with one hand, giving them greater control. As far as Travel Agents are concerned, they help marry cantilever or road brake levers to linear-pull brakes. According to the tournament organizer, many of these bikes are "a conglomeration of durable components assembled to a frame that will inevitably be ruined through use. We polo players are grateful that Problem Solvers exists, because things rarely synch up when building a bike this way."

Hell yes. These are our people.