This website has been a long time comin'. Our last real redesign was something like 5 years ago. But then, we've always been more focused on designing, engineering and riding our bikes than keeping up with the internets. Just to remind you of what we were working with before:



Now, we've made a bunch of significant upgrades:

Our product pages got an overhaul
On the old site we had our flagship products in PDF files—our full line is now represented, complete with improved product descriptions, technical details, photos, and pertinent documentation (sounds pro, right?). 

What's Your Problem? button
As a result of a lack of info, we got a lot of the same customer service questions. Things that should be no-brainers. When we ask "What's Your Problem," we're asking for your technical questions, your product ideas, your own DIY bike solutions, feedback or questions about our products, and so on. "What's Your Problem?" may sound crass, but it's an honest question—and our way of giving you better service.

The Make it Work Blog
Perhaps the most exciting component of this site is this new blog. We're going to share our basemet/garage/workbench stories and solutions with you and we want to hear yours. This will be our forum for sharing the stories behind our products, gathering instructions and DIY solutions from you good folks and the web at-large, and host the occasional design contest.

The old site was pretty cut n' dry. We wanted the new site to get after who Problem Solvers really was: basement mechanics, DIY penny pinchers, engineers, bike nerds, shop rats, and so on. The new look of things is equal parts garage work bench and napkin-sketch designs. Our products come from our experiences at the bench and since we want our customers to be part of that process, we figured we'd bring the bench to you.


I suppose that's all for now. Poke around the site, check out our stuff. We still have some work to do on our dealer page (if you're a retailer and want to be featured on that page, let us know). If you come up with questions or feedback, give us a holler with the What's Your Problem button. Thursday I'll post some introductions to the Problem Solvers team.