Today's Problem Solvers-sponsored post on covers how to setup and adjust Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes. I've set up pre-bled hydraulics before (piece of cake), and the other non-disc brakes are a no brainer at this point. But the learning curve on BB5's always seemed a little steeper. 

Why is it important to know?

1. Because disc brakes are ubiquitous. They've been a mainstay on mountain bikes for a long time, but are now common on everyday commuters and cyclocross frames

2.  Hydraulics are EXPENSIVE! Yes, their stopping power is unmatched. But I don't think I need that kind of power for my commute to work. Mechanical discs are much cheaper and easier for the average basement mechanic to service—replacing a cable is lightyears easier than bleeding hydraulics. 

Click the pic below to check out her step-by-step instructions: