We recently pulled the trigger on a magic button for our product pages. This magic button not only allows you to shop online, but also support your local bicycle retailer. Whaaa? How is this possible? Well, it's called "Buy Local Now," and here's how it works: 

You find an awesome Problem Solvers part—like our handlebar shims—and decide you want 'em. 


Clicking the "Buy Local Now" button brings up a new window where you select which thickness of shim you'd like to purchase. A list of bicycle retailers (in your area, or the zip code of your choosing) populates the map. The red pins represent dealers who have the product in stock at their store, blue pins mean they have it in stock at the warehouse, gray pins are dealers who can order the product: 

You pick the shop you'd like to go to (or purchase from online). Easy. 

Why is this important?

We understand that despite our best efforts, time keeps moving forward. Kids in my mom's high school English class don't know who the Beatles are. I haven't seen a rotary phone in years. And a whole bunch of people these days have mobile electronic communication device-phones and "internet" book-computers—and they may prefer to shop online.

It's important to us for our customers to get the most out of their Problem Solvers product. The local bike shop is in the best position to help you with your bike. They have the knowledge, they have the tools and most importantly, they can interact with you and your bike in-person. They can tell you that the shim you are about to purchase isn't compatible with your current handlebar setup, for example. They can make certain that our parts are properly installed. They are the real problem solvers. We want you to go into bike shops, because bike shops are some of the greatest places on Earth.

So Buy Local Now gives you a little of both worlds. Click a couple of buttons to purchase, and it's up to you if you'd like to take a quick trip to the store to pick it up, or drink hot cocoa at home while you wait for your shim to arrive...we hope you like it.