I ran into Surly Maker and Malefactor Thor and noticed a hinge-looking thing on his fender. Today he was kind enough to let me take a few pictures:

It took me a minute, but there's three things about this that are awesome. First, he's rotated the fender forward, beyond it's intended mounting position, so as to be able to walk the bike on just its rear wheel without the fender catching. 

Second, the hinge. This frame has rear-facing horizontal dropouts, so getting the wheel out was a pain in the arse. Now if he's got to remove the wheel, he just loosens his fender stays a little and flips the rear portion up and out of the way. 

Barely noticed it, but he's also cut a groove in the front of the fender to provide greater fork clearance. Nicely played, sir, return to your shenanigans.