As I rode into work on my Big Dummy this morning '(going camping with some buddies this evening), I realized we (Problem Solvers) have yet to complete a bike industry blogosphere rite of passage—posting gratuitous pictures of our personal bikes. I can't believe it's taken this long, honestly. So here 'tis, my second-favorite bike, my errand-runner, my booze-cuiser, my overnight-camper :

(token drive-side shot)

I love this bike. If you want to learn more about the basics, visit Surly's website. There are two things about my Big Dummy that make it way more awesomer than anyone else's. First, my handlebar setup. I'm a big fan of the Titec H-Bars. They put my hands in a super-comfortable position. The problem with these, however, is a lack of clamping space. You can't quite fit your grips, shifter AND brake lever on the side closest to your hands, and mounting them on the other side puts 'em too far away. Enter the Shimano XT Dual Control levers from 2005:

These didn't get much love from the mountain bikin' community, but for the H-bar/Dummy setup, they're perfect, even ideal. I don't have to worry about mounting them too far away from my hand, because I don't have to reach for a trigger/thumb shifter, giving me plenty of room for my lock-on grips:

New for 2011, I swapped out my bamboo fenders for these chrome jobs off an old Schwinn. I found an old Durkopp hoodie to mount to the front fender. Durkopp is a former German bike manufacturer (and eerily similar to my last name, Duerkop). 


They also made cars and scooters back in the day, but now they make industrial sewing equipment. I've got a soft spot for the brand name. And a fantasy that one day a long lost uncle will find me to bequeath me a few million dollars and a garage full of vintage steel frames....