carradice nelston seat wedge


I had to get this bag – the ad said, “Great hack!” And from the sound of it, it was. The seller had cut the mounting straps off a Carradice seat-wedge, drilled two holes, and mounted it to a handle-bar mount designed for water bottles [Shameless editor's note: Problem Solvers provides a similar product, check it out]. I bought it, liked it, and messed around with it myself. Here are the two bolts – they’re button-headed M5 bolts with washers under the heads, inside the bag.

carradice mounting bolts to use the bag as a front bag instead of a seat bag.


I tried the mount in two orientations: up-jutting and down-pointing. The up-jutting mount tucks the bag up under the stem, which is pretty clean. The bar part of the mount goes in the middle of the bag.

mounted water-bottle bracket on the seat-bag


On the bike, the bag sticks forward a bit, and is almost flat. I like the look, but I’ve always had terrible luck with flat bags – they eject their contents, and over-stuffing them is impossible.

Carradice seat bag as a bar bag, on a fat-tired road bike with flared drop handlebars


Not bad, but I thought flipping the mount over would give a better result. The down-pointing mount puts the bar near the top of the bag, instead of the middle. The bottom of the bag sits on the fender… if you have a long drop from bar to tire. If you have less, you can always drill new holes.

bottom hole drilled to bolt through the fork crown hole


It’s a pretty solid setup, and the bag is vertical enough to keep things inside. My iPad fits, and a wool jersey, and a pump. The bag doesn’t appear to be waterproof, but I’d like to rectify that somehow.

front mount seat bag


I like the added utility, and it seems to integrate well with the overall look of the bike.

carradice seat bag as a handlebar bag