I love me some generator hubs and lights. I wanted to use my Alfine hub and Planet Bike headlight with our new(ish) QR Nut Light Mount, but the close proximity of light to hub left me with a boatload of excess wire (apologies for the fuzzy phone pics):

I could've zip tied the excess to the fork blade, but that would've been mucho feo. Also, I was liking the idea of being able to take the wheel out without disconnecting the light from the hub. So, putting caution to the wind, I cut:

Did some rewiring:

And voila:

Admittedly, I probably went a little too short. When I pop the wheel out, the light causes the QR axle to spin in the hub, putting a little stress on the wire. I'll strengthen with a little electrical tape. But otherwise, I'm putting this project in the "win" column.