There's lots of suspension-corrected forks out there, which is great, 'cause it makes a mountain bicycle versatile. There's one stinker of a problem, however: fender mounting. The extra fork clearance causes fork crown mounted front fenders to sit way up above the tire, rendering them less effective than they should be, and really unattractive (one always desires a consistent radius, doesn't one?)..



There are two common hacks we've used to address this problem: cutting a bit of a fender stay to essentially extend the fender's mounting bracket, OR using a disc brake adapter to provide a secondary mounting point. Neither of these solutions is particularly simple or attractive, so we manufactured this thing and decided to call it the Fender Flute.

The Fender Flute, on Mark's Desk


It's a 100mm long piece of black anodized alloy with M6 holes tapped at 10mm intervals. You attach the fender tab to its backside: 

Then find the sweet spot and attach it to the fork crown via corresponding threaded hole:

The fender tab has adjustability for fine tuning, and there you've got yourself a more effective fender with a much nicer-looking radius: 

Nice (but be sure to cut those fender struts).

Now available from our big momma QBP. Talk to your local bicycle retailer.