This past weekend was QBP's Frostbike event, where bike industry dealers and vendors get together in an informal setting for educational seminars and drooling over new products. Problem Solvers had its first presence at the event in years--I had a blast. We wanted our booth to stand out and show some of our DIY flair, all while saving ourselves some coin in the process. We started with how to display our product. Sales guy Ez saved a couple frames and forks from the dumpster, sandblasted and cut the majority of the tubing out and welded 'em back together:

We borrowed some racking from the warehouse and salvaged some wood from the fixture graveyard for the structure, but the crown jewel was our custom PS mirrorball (the single greatest cost and time commitment, I might add). We purchased a karaoke-DJ-quality mirrorball online and took a sawsall to it, replacing the holes with salvaged foam and a healthy dose of caulk:

Then traced our PS dot logo onto some foam core (also salvaged):

I then proceeded to peel the mirrors off of the discarded pieces of the ball one by one and affix them to the logo:

After 5 hours and a bout of hand-cramps, we had the final piece of our booth:


The most talked-about "product" in our booth:

Also, Surly had custom log-rollers in their booth, which PS engineer Sean tested out:

Thanks to everyone who stopped in and said hello. We had a great weekend and hope you did too.