Inspired by some like-minded do-gooders at the Actual Cafe, our man Gage fab'ed up a bike-powered bingo machine for a fundraiser at our Big Momma QBP's western distribution center. 

From Gage: "The bicycle is a cheap cruiser that was acquired by trading a 30-pack of coors to a co-worker—it even came with the ape-hangers. The dual drive chains are provided via a fixed/free hub from a fixie (it was originally built with a coaster brake hub that blew up in "testing"). The a-frame is made up of locally harvested dumpster steel. I had originally intended to use floating chainrings as tensioners in the chain but they proved to be dangerous and un-reliable [first pic below]. So I installed a few derailleurs to straighten things out [last pic]. All in all the event was a success and the machine didn’t blow up."