For over a decade the Wide Cable Hanger has proven itself for tuning brake setups on cyclocross bikes and allowing for fender clearance on commuters.  This past spring we quietly re-released it with a handful of upates and improvements.  Members of the design and engineering team tested numerous iterations throughout last winter, we made refinements and now we've got them available to cantilever brake users globally.

For existing users you'll notice a number of subtle, but important improvements to the Wide Cable Hanger.

  • Cable clamp hardware was changed to an M5 set screw.  This means only one tool is necessary to clamp the brake cable coming in from the brake lever.
  • Radius of the straddle cable bed has changed so the straddle cable has a much more natural curve to the brakes.  This makes for a better feel at the brake lever.

Why use the Wide Cable Hanger?  It's an obvious question.  When the Wide Cable Hanger was conceived over a decade ago, narrow profile cantilever brakes were becoming popular on many bicycles.  The Wide Cable Hanger replaced the OEM hanger on those narrow profile cantilever brakes to provide more power and better modulation out of the brakes.  Industry legend, Sheldon Brown's site has an excellent article that explains in detail why cantilever brakes work the way they work.  This article does a far better job explaining in detail how cantilever brakes function than I could hope to.

While the Wide Cable Hanger works great with narrow profile cantilevers its use is not limited to them.  I use the Wide Cable Hanger in conjunction with wide set cantilever brakes.  Using it with the wide set cantilevers has allowed me to position the cable hanger closer to the tire, providing ample mud clearance, allowing the brake pads to fall further away from the rim, and giving me a good feel at the brake lever. 

I've been riding, and testing, the new version of the Wide Cable Hanger on my Salsa La Cruz Titanium prototype for all of the 2010 season.  Ater riding the bike over 4,000 miles through all conditions from snow and ice to mud and dusty roads I can confidently say that it performs flawlessly.

PS Wide Cable Hanger

If you are interested in a set of Problem Solvers Wide Cable Hangers for your cross or commuter bike they are available in anodized black or silver with an MSRP of 12.50.  They are available through your any bicycle shop that has an account with our distributor, Quality Bicycle Products.  Part #'s are BR0350(Silver) and BR0351(Black).