Todays post comes from Certified Problem Solvers and grip-tape-enthusiast, the BikeTinker. Standard disclaimers apply...

"I’m a big fan of grip tape on pedals. It’s been sticking soft-soled shoes to skateboards for 40 years, so why wouldn’t it work for bike pedals and bicyclists?

It does. I use it on my wooden skateboard pedal decks, and I’ve used it on a couple pairs of platform pedals. $5 worth of tape will do about 800* pairs of pedals. These are some MKS pedals.

Recently I got some magnesium BMX pedals that come with 18 spikes per pedal. They’re red. Just the word “shinburger” has kept me off pedal spikes, and some of my shoes have soles thin enough so I can step on a penny and tell “heads” or “tails.”

I used a little specialty hex tool, and a pipe wrench for the leverage to pop the Loctite free. Now I have a little bin of pedal spikes, which is nice, because having little bins of hardware of indeterminate future use is an end in itself.

To make the grip tape fit the pedal, I put the tape on a cutting board, grip side down, and traced each side of each pedal with a sharpie. I labeled each one, and then cut them out with an Xacto knife.

This uncut one has the non-pedal parts filled in, to make a robot monkey face. The left-over rounded bits went into another bin, in case I ever need sandpaper that sticks to the end of my finger.

Peel it off, line it up, and press it down firmly. Pay attention to the edges. The rounded corners will help keep the tape from peeling up, and you can burnish the edges down with something hard and smooth that won’t get too ripped up by the tape. I think I used a bottle.

The finished pedals look pretty professional, and give me a good grip for my size 12 (or 13) feet. So far, nothing has peeled or slipped.

These are 360 grams, if you care.

*Exaggeration for effect.