1. Go into woods with a buddy and chainsaw and find a tree:

2. Realize that you're in over your head and find a tree that someone else already cut down: 

3. Cut

4. Cut

5. Realize that you should have brought the gas can with when you hiked in. Go home. Get the team together to strategize: 

6. Return the following morning with gas, better transportation, and your resolve steeled:

7.  Transport section of log from woods:

8. Slap some 4 x 4" & 2 x 4" logs together for a base, and get out the wood burner to inscribe your sigil: 

9. Gather some of your friends to hammer the night away. Note: since your back yard doesn't have legal consul, you can probably skip the safety goggles, but depending on your condition, you may want 'em just in case. 

Thanks to all the folks who joined us at QBP's Frostbike this past weekend: you made it great.