I'm hanging in Denver. For immediate Problem Solvers assistance, give Ez a holler: ezra (at)problemsolversbike.com. In the meantime, some pics from the first day:

While waiting for my bike to arrive at baggage claim, I spotted these conspicuous pieces of bike art.

Apparently these non-functioning eyesores were to promote/celebrate the recent Pro Cycling Challenge (keep reading for more trip pics).


Getting the Traveler's Check Assembled



Went exploring for a while then drove across town to check out Pearl Velo (Tyler's got much better pics on pearlvelo.com):



I really dug the way he uses anitque tables and old soda bottle crates for merchandising.


Had a slice and two beers I can't get back home at Hops and Pie.


Also the first time I've spotted a scraper bike in the wild.

So far, so good.