Howdy folks!

We've got a few new faces on the Problem Solvers team, so I thought I'd introduce y'all.

Gage Jacobson—Customer Service 

My baptism into bicycles came from bicycle hooliganary in my middle-teen years, when a friend and I started a bicycle chopper gang. My mechanical skills and the ability to re-build a coaster brake got my foot in the door at Bingham’s Cyclery (an original Schwinn concept store from the 70’s featured in the movie RAD), where I received a crash course in bicycle retail and tech from a pair lifers. I eventually scored a job as a telephone personality at QBP. I habitually build up bicycles; I probably have one of everything. My riding preferences seem to reflect this common trait—jack of all trades master of none. I’m seeing the most use from my commuter and my polo bike at the moment. I’m a firm believer in DIY lifestyle: if it’s broken there’s no harm in breaking it until it’s fixed. I also enjoy home brewing and dumpster diving. 

Mark Woker - Customer Service

I’ve been tinkering in the bike industry for more than 15 years now and have no desire to stop anytime soon. Mountain bikes are my jam and I’m certified to work on nearly every type of suspension out there. Commuting to work is something I’ve taken on in the past few years due to getting fat in the winter—there are only so many sweaters in my wardrobe to cover up with. It’s pretty simple to describe me. I fix things, I make some things worse, I like good beer and I usually have a way to keep people talking for hours. You’ve been warned.

Anders Broste - Engineer 

To me a bicycle is freedom to go, freedom to think, and freedom to achieve. I ride because I love it and for no other reason. I've always loved fixing bikes, and now I design bikes and bike parts, which is a dream come true. I love Problem Solvers because necessity is the mother of invention: creativity at its finest. And we've always been about re-purposing and reusing all of our bike stuff, which was "green" before "green" was cool. 


Welcome gentlemen.