We've got grand news for all you consumers out there having trouble finding Problem Solvers products—all of our SKUs are now available for purchasethrough our online store (you may have noticed a new "Shop" button at the top-right of the site).  

However, these are not consumer-direct sales. We're committed to serving the independent bicycle dealer, so all of our online sales will be directed to bike shops who've signed up with Shopatron, who manages our online store. Basically, when a customer chooses to buy a product, the closest bike shop with the product in stock will fulfill the order. This benefits consumers (they can easily order parts they couldn't before) and bike shops (who get sales they otherwise wouldn't). 

Any dealer who's got an account with Quality Bicycle Products (our parent company and exclusive distributor) can sign up to fill these orders through Shopatron. Interested dealers can email our customer service and sales guru: ezra@problemsolversbike.com.

Take a look at our new store here.