Mid-November we'll receive our first shipment of a new product: BB30/PressFit 30 adapters. These handy-dandy Delrin bits insert into both BB30 and PressFit 30 bottom brackets so you can use external bottom bracket cranks (24mm OD spindles) with 30mm ID bottom bracket bearings. Why? Consider this hypothetical: you bought a hot new mountain bike frame that is BB30 compatible. In doing some Google shopping you find BB30 bottom brackets assemblies for $30–50. Cranks, however, start at more than $200. You're bummed because you've got a Shimano XTR Hollowtech II crankset sitting at home that's still got plenty of use left in it. Well, instead of ponying up for new cranks, grab yourself one of our adapter kits for $32 and use your existing cranks.


  • The adapter kit works for both BB30 and PressFit 30. BB30 setups use the included spacers, PressFit 30's don't.
  • It's compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II, Race Face X-Type and FSA MegaExo cranks (24mm spindles)
  • It's not compatible with SRAM GXP spindles
  • Available to bike shops through Quality Bicycle Products, part # CR0099 

I took some pictures for our installation instructions, so here's how it works:


Simply install your bottom bracket and push in the adapter:


For BB30, put the spacer on the spindle and install the drive side crank arm (no spacer needed for PressFit 30):


Slip a spacer on the other side and slap on your non-drive side arm:

Boom. Done.

Questions? Let us know.