Sometimes it's almost as if we know what we're doing. We recently updated our braze-on front derailleur adapters from a single bolt-hole to a slotted version for greater adjustability. Not more than a few weeks after we got them into stock, Ed emailed us:


"I am upgrading to Dura Ace 7900 components with a compact crankset. Problem: the clamp band of the Dura Ace 31.8mm front derailleur will be on top of the lower water bottle boss when it is anchored in the correct position. I cannot tighten the clamp in this position for fear of cracking my carbon fiber frame. If I raise the front derailleur above the boss, it will be too high to function properly.Will your Braze on Front Derailleur Adapter allow me to attach a braze on derailleur higher on the down tube (avoiding the water bottle boss)?"

In short, the answer was yes:

Enjoy your new ride, Ed!