One RSS feed we follow "on the regs" is They're not bike-specific (they probably don't care much about bikes at all), but for DIY garage dudes such as ourselves, it's a treasure trove of all things tool-related. They've got regular updates on "cheap-ass" tools, unusual tools, how-to's, as well as plenty of tags if you want to search their archives. What I really like about the writers is the consideration they give even the simplest little tool: how it feels in the hand, what it's made of, what kinds of projects it works best for, if it's worth the money, and so on. Like the hand-held socket ratchets in the pic below (which I'm definitely going to add to my collection). Click here if you want to nerd-out or fantasize about additions to your dream tool bench.  

Palm Ratchets

Direct link to the ratchet post here