Today's post comes from BikeTinker, a Certified Problem Solver and all-around gentleman. He also owns one sweet looking old Bontrager mountain bike. Standard disclaimers apply.


"In my new job, there’s sort of a casual-business dress code, which includes nice shoes. I’ve been wearing lots of shoes I haven’t worn in years, and one pair of Goodwill shoes mysteriously came unglued. The stitching is completely decorative, and the leather is glued to the sole, exactly like a leather saddle cover is glued to the plastic frame.

Which made me think I should glue them both up at the same time. I bought some glue and put the Bontrager in the stand.

I glued the plastic and the leather pretty liberally, and then I wrapped athletic tape around to keep it tight. To keep pressure on the inside, where the cover folds up under the plastic, I jammed a sharpie between the rail and the seat.

Looking at the Sharpie, and the seat post, and the scratches…

Ha! This’ll be great.

Well… is it great? No. Is it better than it was? I think so. I’m told that Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black is the proper fix for scratched up aluminum seatposts, but if I’d known that when the bike was in the stand, it would still be scratched.