New and in-stock at our exlusive distributor and big momma QBP: Sheldon Fender Nut Set: 32mm front, 10mm rear.


The front is made longer for thick (carbon) fork crowns. Why? Because of your suggestions: 

"Dear sir / madam,

I'm a big fan of your Sheldon fender nuts - very useful. I was wondering if you had ever considered making a longer version? In my case, what I'd like to do is to fit a brake bolt light mount for a B&M light...I have one of your fender nuts on the bike at present but it is not long enough to reach the brake bolt with the bracket... I've no idea if you have sufficient demand to make this a worthwhile addition to the range but thought I'd suggest it.

Best wishes,

"Have you considered making a longer version of your "Sheldon Fender Mount" brake nut for carbon forks - say 20mm? If you had to only make one length (to rationalise product range)then this would be more useful than the shorter one as it could always be cut to length if required. I'm not the only one - see


"Hey, long term shop employee here.  I think the Sheldon Nuts are an awesome idea from an epic man and great company, its been needed for years and years to keep custom fender installs out of the 100's of dollars labor range.  The hiccup i have with them is that they are too short.  They will work for some alloy and most steel forks, but lets face it, people like to buy bikes with carbon forks and put full fenders on them. The stock 13mm is maybe enough to get a few threads of engagement, maybe, on the carbon forks i've seen, the back is perfect.  I ended up turning my fronts down on a lathe a bit more to get more like 16 or 17ish mm and a lot more thread engagement.  Since the braking action is pulling on the threads on that front nut, i feel better about 4-5 threads engaged instead of 1-2. Hope this helps, im sure im not the first to suggest this, but hey, ya gotta ask.



I just bought a couple of the Sheldon fender nuts, and I'm finding that the 13mm nut is too short to reach the front brake pivot bolt through the fork crown.

The brakeset I'm using is a Shimano 6700 (Ultegra), for which Shimano does not offer a longer pivot bolt than what comes stock.

The fork used is a Reynolds carbon (ouzo pro?) sourced for Serotta's "F2" fork model.

I need a fender nut that is 29-30mm long for the part that goes through the hole in the fork crown (the part before the nut shoulder that is stopped by the back of the fork).

I was wondering if you could fabricate such a piece.

Thanks in advance,

You're welcome. Keep the ideas and feedback comin!