We love dropper posts. The trail riders in the bunch love 'em for their practical use, the mechanics in the bunch love exploring the way the different models work. Our engineer guy Aaron (AKA Dutch-E) is both. The remotes for dropper posts, however, leave much to be desired in most cases: awkward placement, funky actuation--not terribly human in design. For that reason, we really like the Specialized SLR Lever for their Command Post as it mates to our favorite SRAM brakes via the MatchMaker OR to Shimano brakes via our own MisMatch Adapter. That doesn't help us with other dropper post models, so Dutch-E made his own. This is some next-level hacking, so if you care deeply about the condition of your front shifter, look no further. 


Gotta pop the screws out of the bottom of your second-favorite SRAM left-hand shifter. 


Take a picture will you? It's impossible to remember how this stuff all fits back together. This took something like eight attempts to reassemble. The spring comes out so you can access the rest of the internals.


The arrows here are identifying the "indexing finger." Theres one of these on 2x shifters, two on 3x systems. They all gotta go. This is because you need the cable to pull and release on each lever push. 


Now we've got to get the indexing plate out of there so we can grind off that finger. 5mm hex wrench and S2 square drive bit. 


Now we've got that little sonofagun out of there, we file off the finger. Use a bench grinder if you're feeling lucky. 


This lever means nothing to us now. Remove it with prejudice using hacksaw, dremel or teeth. 




Now we reassemble. Indexing wheel gets put back in, sans finger.


NOTE: there's two kindsa cable routing on these mechanical posts. For many, the cable head is anchored in the remote and the other end of the cable is secured by an anchor bolt or pinch bolt. If that's the case, reassemble and you're done. Install your cable like you normally would and call it a day. If the opposite is true (cable head is anchored in the post) we've got a few more steps. 


These things are called knarps. They're our anchoring method for the loose end of the cable. 


Route the cable from the post and into the shifter. You've got to clear out a bit of plastic to accommodate the knarp.


Route the cable into the magic red wheel. 


Attach your knarp to the cable. You're going to have to play around with it to get the cable tension just right. 


Put that spring back in. Remember way back at the top when we talked about taking a picture?



Once your shifter's reassembled, attach your new remote to your MatchMaker or MisMatch adapter (in our case, 'cause we're using new XTR brakes on this particular build). 


Clean, classy, human. 


Dig it!