I gave them fair warning. Looking through the email archives, I can confidently say that my exact words were: "If you don't want me to come snap a picture of you at your desk, feel free to submit a photo to me...for...the website." Of course—since I command about as much respect as the bike rack out front (actually, that rack probably gets more props than me)—they didn't. So here, in their workplace glory, is the Problem Solvers team:



First off, Joe "the Maestro" Meiser, General Manager and all-around Big Boss Man:

Joe does "epic" rides. You know, more than 100 miles and definitely not on asphalt. His experience with a busted drivetrain on the Tour Divide eventually led to our Universal Derailleur Hanger.


Then there's Sean Mailen, Engineer, former Volunteer:

He used to race bikes for the University of Tennessee. Now, we keep him in the back room with all the tools. Well, almost all. He has to ask permission to use anything with a sharp edge.


"Ez" Taylor takes care of the Customer Service/Sales end of things:

I once saw Ezra do some sort of crazy bunny hop maneuver to avoid running over someone in the derby circle. Since then I call him Ezra the Merciful, but not when he's racing 'cross because he gets embarrassed.


Rusty "Hot Sauce" Jones keeps track of inventory and all manner of Excel file that I can't comprehend:

Rusty is the only other person I've ever seen wear Headsweats un-ironically (other, that is, than myself). And yes, I'm fishing for an endorsement deal. He also plays bass and sings chocolatey vocals in the Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs.


Then there's me. Chris "the DirtyKop" Duerkop. The aforementioned gentlemen are still trying to figure out what it is I do. I call it "marketing:"

That's me, stage-left "fitting in" at some sort of social event. 

That's your brief intro to the team. Feel free to introduce yourselves to us.