I've been a hack mechanic for years, but I think there were two shop items that helped me transition from "bicycle enthusiast w/ tools" to "semi-obsessed garage bike-tinkerer." The first was my Park TS-2 wheel truing stand, the second, my shop apron. It's pretty comforting to know that I've got my Y-wrench in my right pouch, flathead and Phillips drivers on my chest, and all those spare parts for whatever the current project is in the big middle pouch. There are things I wish were different, however. Sometimes the pouches seem too big, I lose little nuts in the corners of the pockets, the strapping system seems overly complicated and uncomfortable. So I ask you, fellow wrenches, what could be imroved about shop aprons? I'd like to design a Problem Solvers version. I've got some ideas, but would like to know what y'all think. My initial thoughts are combining this:


with this:

and one of these: