It was my birthday last week.  It was probably one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a few years.  Lots of celebrating with lots of great people and it just so happened to coincide with the long Memorial Day weekend, so it was like work gave me a birthday present by not making me show up on Monday.  Why am I bothering to tell you all this?  Well, if you’re like me, you think you deserve a present on your birthday; something you’ve been eyeing up and saying to yourself “I really don’t need that… but hot damn is it ever cool.”  And if you’re like me you get that thing for yourself, because as I said earlier, you deserve it.  But we’ll come back to that….

For the last two years I’ve been looking at this Italian-Threaded Truvativ ceramic Bottom Bracket I’ve had in the parts bin at home thinking to myself what a shame it is that I have this crazy awesome Bottom Bracket sitting around that I can’t use because I don’t own a frame that has an Italian threaded shell anymore.  Drag, right?  Well, a couple of weeks ago I was working at the Tour of California changing out bearings in some wheels and I was using an Enduro bearing press and I was pretty darn impressed with those tools, so when I got home I thought for my birthday I’d get myself an Enduro BRT-001, which is their equally-rad outboard bearing cup tool.  Now I have the tools to turn dreams into reality and remove those sweet, sweet ceramic bearings from the Italian threaded cups and put them in the English cups I have on my bike right now, which coincidentally only have stainless steel bearings. How boring is that?!

It makes me think back to all the times my wonderful significant other has told me that I make my own life so hilariously difficult for no other reason than I seem to thrive on chaos.  And to this I say, yes, sometimes we create our own problems just because they’re fun to solve.  It’s always nice when you can give yourself a hurdle that you actually want to jump over and that’s what I gave myself for my birthday, you know, in a roundabout sort of way.  I also got a great tool and a sweet, sweet ceramic Bottom Bracket out of the deal, so I’m not complaining about that either. 

The Enduro tool is a bit lacking when it comes to getting bearings out of the very elegant, rounded cups of the Truvativ sweet, sweet ceramic Bottom Bracket, but a quick trip to the hardware store was all it took to make things work and the bearings came out nice and easy.  Swapping them with the cups of the standard issue Truvativ BB was not an issue because they have flat sides and fit directly in the tool the way Enduro meant it to be.  After that it was just a matter of pulling the boring old steel BB out of the bike and swapping stuff out, which is where the photos commence.

My favorite thing about really nice bearing tools is the fact that they are basically completley random looking assortments of shapes that somehow add up to something useful.  Using the Enduro tool made me feel like how those Monkeys the Russians shot into space must have felt during testing; super smart!  The bearings on the left are the reliable-yet-less-fun-to-be-around, steel option, while the right side contains the more temperamental, thrill-a-minute sweet, sweet ceramic bearings plundered from the Italian cups.

The Enduro BRT-001 doing what it does best; putting some sweet, sweet ceramic bearings back in some regular Truvativ BB cups.  Also, some gratuitous vice shots.  Everyone loves gratuitous vice shots!  I should mention, a vise isn't required to use this tool, but I was also taking photos with my free hand and vises are awesome.  Upgrade.