I came to Problem Solvers late in 2009 to coordinate marketing duties. At the time, I wasn't sure of what that meant, what my tasks would be, or what the hell I was doing. In taking stock of the brand, we realized quickly that tour best products—not only those that were best-selling, but those that we were most proud of—came from collaboration with others. The Holy Driver, for example, came out of Handspun Wheels' necessity to lace more wheels, faster, in a production environment. The Travel Agent was born from 'cross racers wanting more options for brakes and levers. 

My goal for 2010 was to figure out a way we could get more of those great ideas into production. A big part of that was this website (which launched in July) and you, the folks who visited and gave your feedback. Here's a summary of some of the results:

Direct Mount Adapter

We developed this on behalf of Salsa for use on their Mukluk frames. We'd originally planned to spec it as OE only, but when we asked if we should offer it an aftermarket product, you responded. We'll have them in stock February 2011.

Universal Derailleur Hanger

Joe had some frustrations with his emergency derailleur hanger replacement when he was on his Great Divide ride. So when he got back, he made sure Problem Solvers had a better solution.

Truing Stand Hub Adapter

We've carried an adapter for 20mm thru axles for a long time, which led to many site visitors asking, "Hey, where's the 15mm version?" Look for one of these mid-year 2011. 

Thank you for all your comments and questions. Keep 'em coming and we'll do our best to getcha whatcha need.