Make a few shavings

The one becomes three

Install and test

Tinkering in the basement, installing an ENVE fork and Paul's Neo Retro (front) and Touring brakes (rear) on my trusty Salsa La Cruz Ti, I decided a narrow hanger was necessary to tune the front brake.  I just happened to have an extra hanger around to experiment.  A quick measurement of a generic old hanger, a couple of scratch marks, and a few blade strokes later I had it roughed out.  I cleaned it up with a sharp file and it was ready for install.  Plain and simple, a nice little part modified while indulging in a fine Founder's IPA. 

I determined the narrower hanger was necessary while tuning the wider Paul's Neo Retro to tune the power of the front brake, get the pads to fall away from the rim and dial the feel of the brake lever.

If you think Problem Solvers should add this to compliment the wide cable hanger weigh in with your opinion.  We like to include you in the product development and get your ideas before charging forward with our own.