This summer, in-between getting this website up and running and finding excuses to be outside, we actually worked on a bunch of new products. One of which was an adapter for standard mountain bike frames to use newer direct mount front derailleurs. It's along the same lines as our Braze-on Clamp adapter and looked kinda like this: 


Pretty good, right? Well we couldn't get it manufactured for as cheap as we would've liked, making it an unlikely purchase for consumers (they'd be more likely to buy a new/different derailleur). HOWEVER, while we were at it, we developed a version for use with 100mm wide bottom bracket shells. These would be used with the super-fat, snow-bike, or whatever that category is called these days. Think Surly Pugsley or Speedway Cycles' Fat Back. We teamed up with Salsa Cycles to make the adapter OE on their new Mukluk. But would it be feasible as an aftermarket product? We want to know what you think. Does the world need a Problem Solvers Direct-Mount Adapter for 100mm shells?

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