Today's post comes from BikeTinker. Philip is an artist and avid utilitarian cyclist, the result being thoughtfulness and genuine appreciation in regards to the bike. He's got some good stuff for sale on Etsy (including the pedal decks you'll see below). We're calling BikeTinker our first "Certified Problem Solver." Mostly because we needed a reason to use this cool graphic we created:

What follows is BikeTinker's "How-To" on making your own clipless pedal adapters (similar to our Decksters). Standard DVD-commentary-type disclaimers apply. Enjoy!

"Look at this thing. Do you instantly grok it? You see how useful it is, right? You see how to make it from scratch?" If the answer is yes, read no further. Go down to the skate shop for a broken deck, get out the tools, and go to town.

extremo pedals, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.


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