We make two Cable Doublers. The first allows you to control two brakes with just one lever. The second allows you to control one brake with two levers. Why? Well, there are myriad applications: cyclocross, fixies, tandems, bike polo, tricycles, recumbents, cycles for those with special needs, those four-person bikes you see on beach boulevards, and so on. You could even link them both together for ultimate redundancy!

Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 2:1 allows for two levers to operate the same brake. The 2:1 features precision counterbalance springs that allow for independent operation of two brake levers without feedback.  Applications include Tri bikes wih aero bars, tandems and urban bike oddities.  Keep your options open.

  • Machined and anodized aluminum tube with Teflon coating ensures low friction
  • Setup requires three standard brake cables, two of which must be road cables
  • Product dimensions: 81mm long x 18mm diameter