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Boy howdy. When we started making little machined blocks to attach our SRAM shifters to our Shimano brakes, we had no idea it would be a whole product category for us. Now we’ve got four different MisMatch adapter styles to mate six different shift & brake lever combinations together. Why? Because your handlebar space is at a premium these days and every little bit of consolidation helps. How else are you going to get a dropper post remote, suspension lockout remote, smartphone holder, GPS unit, camera, bell, and mirror all on the same bar? All of our MisMatch adaptors are anodized black.

MisMatch adaptors allow users to mount Shimano & SRAM brakes and shifters on one clamp.  Available in multiple configurations.

Compatibility Details

We began this crazy MisMatch journey about five years back, and there have been many iterations and changes in shifting technology in those five short years. MisMatch and the ever evolving “standards” it attempts to integrate between SRAM and Shimano is a confusing subject. Shimano brake and shifter mounting options have changed a lot, going through four mounting systems from 2011-2016. Shimano brakes have a model number printed somewhere on the brake and shifter, and this is the best way to determine what you own and what
adaptor you need. Here is some guidance on finding the right fit for your setup:

Shimano Brakes and SRAM Shifters:

  • You need a MisMatch 1.0 adaptor for these model number Shimano brakes: BL-M985, BL-M988, BL-M820, BL-M785, BL-T785, BL-M675, BL-T675, BL-M640, BL-M596
  • You need a MisMatch 1.1 adaptor for these model number Shimano brakes: BL-M820-B, BL-M785-B, BL-M675-B, BL-M640-B, BL-M615, BL-M506
  • You need a MisMatch 1.2 adaptor for these model number Shimano brakes: BL-M9000, BL-M8000, BL-M7000

Shimano Shifters and SRAM Brakes:

  • You need a MisMatch 2.0 adaptor for these model number Shimano shifters: SL-M980-I, SL-M980-A-I, SL-M820-I, SL-M780-I, SL-M670-I, SL-M980-B, SL-M820-B, SL-M780-B
  • You need a MisMatch 2.1 adaptor for these model number Shimano shifters: SL-M670-B
  • There is no adaptor available from Problem Solvers at this time for these model number Shimano shifters: SL-M9000-I, SL-M8000-I, SL-M8000-B-I, SL-M7000-I, SL-M7000-B-I