Want a single speed but have a geared bike? Want a geared bike but have a singlespeed? Problem solvers is here to help your indecision and enable your need to convert your bicycle into all manner of configurations! We offer two different chain tensioners; one for converting frames with vertical dropouts and derailleur hangers to single speeds and another to tension horizontal dropout setups and put a rear deraileur on it. 

Technical Details

2-Pulley Chain Tensioner:
  • Two-pulley and springs to tension your chain
  • Must be mounted to a derailleur hanger - great for converting bikes with vertical dropouts to single speed
  • Adjustable chainline
  • CNC-machined AL-6061-T6
  • Not for use with fixed-gear drivetrains or coaster brakes
  • Maximum cog size of 18 teeth
Chain Tensioner with Hanger:
  • Mounts to your rear axle and rear-facing dropout to pull your axle back and tension your chain
  • A derailleur is integrated in our tensioner to put a derailleur on frames without derailleur hangers
  • For use with rear-facing horizontal dropouts and 10mm axles
  • If you want to use this tensioner with a quick release hub, check out the Surly Bikes Tuggnut QR adaptor
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