Workshop-Appropriate Torso Cover

You already know how this is going to work. You’ll wear it a few times, but then one night you’ll be messing with your bike (without putting your apron on) and BOOM! Grease stain. Well, WHEN that happens, your new favorite 100% cotton shirt will become your new favorite rag. For about a week.  Shirt models listed in reverse chronological order of release date.

  • Workshop Appropriate Torso Cover: Dickies button-up work shirt featuring a “Certified Problem Solver” fill in the name patch
  • Do It Yourself Muscle T-Shirt: Sporting the Problem Solvers thunder-winged wrench and instructions for converting it into a sweet muscle shirt
  • Square Peg T-Shirt: Problem old as time, solution now in shirt form
  • What’s Your Problem T-Shirt: What’s your problem? Well,if you’re wearing a white T-shirt while fixing your bike- that’s your problem right there.