A bike shown from the side features multiple bottles attached with Bow Tie Strap Anchors.

Bow Tie Strap Anchors: Where Style Meets Utility

Loading up for a bikepacking trip can be a daunting task when you’ve got a lot of gear and not enough bags. Maybe there is that one must-have item that just won’t fit anywhere. So you grab a good ol’ fashioned cargo strap, wrap it around a free section of your frame and pull ‘er tight, right? Well, you could do that, but then you invite the chance of causing a whole lot of other issues. Sliding, slipping, shifting. And attaching a big and heavy cargo cradle isn’t exactly ideal when you just want to enjoy the ride. So we created the Bow Tie Strap Anchor Kit as a classy way to help you keep things secure.

Bow Tie Strap Anchors are lightweight brackets that firmly hold your cargo straps in place with a maximum capacity of 3lb per pair. They attach to your water bottle bosses or anywhere with two mounting brazens, allowing you to carry just about anything you may need. But there are a few tricks to get the best out of your Bow Tie Strap Anchors. So here are a few tips to make sure you don’t lose anything on the trail.

Items mounted to a rack on a bike with bow tie strap anchors

Bow Tie Strap Anchors should always be used in pairs for maximum security. This ensures that your gear doesn’t twist or work itself out of the loop after a jolt. And if you’re carrying something softer like a sleeping bag or tarp, they won’t bend out of shape at the strap. You should also be sure to use only the included bolts to attach these anchors to your frame. They were literally made for each other, and anything else just wouldn’t be the same.

These anchors work best with cargo straps that are between 12mm and 27mm in width and we highly recommend using rubber straps with buckles to get the most secure hold possible. Then thread each strap through one wing of the anchor, around the back of the tube and through the other wing. This way the belt gets the most support from the frame and the anchor can hold it in place more easily. If you’d like more detailed instructions for how to install and use your Bow Tie Strap Anchors, you can always find them here.

A bow tie strap anchor is being installed to a fork

Now you’re all set to strap on whatever you need. You could carry anything from fishing rods to barbecue sauce. And their low profile means they won’t add extra bulk to your bike when you’re not using them. These are a great addition to any bikepacking or touring cyclist’s on-bike storage capability.

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