Tech Info & Instructions

The installation of our products requires in-depth knowledge of bicycle mechanics and professional-grade tools. Your best option, always, is to take your bike to your local independent bicycle dealer for maintenance or component installation.

Accessory Mounts

Bottle Cage Height Adapter Instructions

Bow Tie Strap Anchor Instructions

Fender Flute Instructions 

Sheldon Fender Nut Instructions


Front Booster Kit Instructions

Rear Booster Kit Instructions

Cable Backstop Instructions

Cable Doubler 1:2 Instructions

Cable Doubler 2:1 Instructions

Center Lock Rotor Lock Ring Instructions

Center Lock Rotor Adapter Instructions

Double Barrel Brake Lever Instructions

Downtube Adjuster Instructions

Bolt-On Housing Guide Instructions

I-Spec II Instructions

MisMatch 1.0 and 1.1 Kit

MisMatch 1.0 Instructions

MisMatch 1.2 Instructions

MisMatch 2.0 Instructions

MisMatch 2.2 Instructions

ReMatch 1.2 Instructions

Travel Agent Instructions


 Binder Bolt Instructions

Handlebar Shim Instructions

Handlebar Shim Instructions (60mm)


PressFit 30 / BB30 Adapter Installation Instructions

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket Instructions

Cassette Spacer Instructions

Eccentric Bottom Bracket Shim Instructions

Singlespeed Cog Instructions

Zinger Micro Spline Instructions

Adjustable Headset Spacer Instructions

Locking Headset Spacer Instructions

Pog Top Cap Instructions


Front Booster Kit Instructions

Rear Booster Kit Instructions

Center Lock to 6-Bolt Rear Booster Kit Instructions

Super Booster Rear Instructions


Deckster Instructions

Shifters and Derailleurs

Bubs Frame Plugs Instructions

Direct Mount Adapter Installation

Downtube Shifter Mount Instructions

Two-Pulley Chain Tensioner Instructions

Universal Derailleur Hanger

Tires and Tubes

Presta Valve Extender, Removable Core Instructions


Holy Driver Instructions