Closeup view of a bike drop bar shift/brake lever with lever grippies.

Lever Grippies: Get Sticky With It!

No matter where you live, cold, wet and slippery conditions that can really mess with your grip. And the last thing you need in a messy situation is to miss a shift or slip off of your brake levers. Complete control is the key to optimum speed and safety. Cycling pros like Katie Compton have come up with their own custom solutions to get more grip on their levers, but not everyone has the time or DIY know-how for that. So skip the sandy-glue paste and skateboard decktape by trying out our Lever Grippies! 

Problem Solvers Lever Grippies are easy-to-use, stick-on pads that add an extra bit of traction to your brake and shift levers. These pads use a soft, rubberized material that clings to your digits even when you’re wet or sweaty. The texturized pads also create a slightly raised surface area, which makes your paddles easier to find if you’re cold or using gloves. Every Grippy uses a high-strength adhesive backing made by our friends down the road at 3M. It’s made to hold tight on the smooth alloy surface of your levers in rough conditions but can still be peeled off cleanly if you want to remove them later.

A bike's flat bar shifter has Problem Solvers grippies on the shift lever

If you’re worried about the Grippies fitting on your own levers, don’t! We made a wide variety of Grippy packs, each pad carefully cut to fit a specific type of lever. So whether you’ve got SRAM dropbar levers on your cross bike or a pair of flat-bar Shimano brakes on your fatty, you can find a pack of Lever Grippies to fit your rig. And if you’re an independent thinker with a set of blades from that unknown little shop down the road, we also have universal packs that should fit most other levers.

Problem Solvers Lever Grippies on a white background

Attaching our Lever Grippies is as simple as using a postage stamp. (But who does THAT anymore?) Just make sure your lever is clean and dry, figure out which pad is for each lever (hint: the PS logo should always be right-side-up), remove the paper backing, and stick’em on there. If you somehow miss your mark or the pad just isn’t quite where you want it, you can always peel them off and try again. You can also use scissors to trim each pad as you like. Once you’re happy with the placement, press pads firmly to the lever and then let adhere for at least four hours before using to ensure each pad gets the best hold possible.

For some cyclists, brake and shift grips like this might seem like an unnecessary luxury reserved for only the most hardcore pro-racers. But we say every rider deserves to enjoy the confidence of added stiction. So give your fingertips the comfort and traction they deserve with our Lever Grippies!

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