• Center-Lock with Lockring - 27425

Center-Lock with Lockring

These adapters allow the use of 6-bolt rotors on Shimano’s Centerlock hubs. We’ve got two versions: one for use with a standard Centerlock lockring (BR0381), and the other with a pinch bolt for hubs that have buggered threads (BR0380).

Our standard Centerlock adaptor sandwiches the rotor between the adaptor and the lockring - great for non-damaged hubs. If you have messed up threads, our pinch bolt version is the
way to go! For easy installation of our pinch bolt adaptor (BR0380) use a cassette lockring installed over the adaptor to push it all the way onto the hub, then tighten the pinch bolt to proper torque. Next, remove lockring and install your rotor. This method helps ensure proper adaptor and rotor alignment.

The Problem Solvers Center-Lock adaptor. No pinch bolt; mounts with included lockring.

  • CNC-machined aluminum AL-6061-T6
  • The pinch bolt adaptor (BR0380) not recommended for use with DT Swiss, Mavic Crossmax SLR, Shimano XTR WH-965, Shimano XT WH-765, or Shimano Saint Centerlock hubs.