• MisMatch Adaptors - 30797
  • MisMatch Adaptors - 30797
  • MisMatch Adaptors - 30797
  • MisMatch Adaptors - 30797
  • MisMatch Adaptors - 30797
  • MisMatch Adaptors - 30797


MisMatch adapters allow users to mount Shimano and SRAM brakes and shifters on one clamp, freeing up valuable handlebar space for other needs. Available in multiple configurations, we’ve created a handy guide to help you determine which adapter is right for you.

MisMatch adapters allow users to mate Shimano I-Spec components with SRAM/Avid MatchMaker X brakes and shifters on one clamp.

Compatibility (Updated 8/30/2017)

MisMatch adapters and the ever evolving “standards” it attempts to integrate between SRAM and Shimano is a confusing subject. Shimano brake and shifter mounting options have changed a lot, going through four mounting systems from 2011-2016. Shimano components have a model number printed somewhere on the brake and/or shifter, and this is the best way to determine what you own and what adapter you need. Here is some guidance on finding the right fit for your setup.* If you’re not sure which type of attachment system your parts use, check out our adaptor guide here!

Shimano brakes and MatchMaker-compatible SRAM shifters:

MisMatch 1.0/1.1 fits Shimano brake levers:BL-M985, BL-M988, BL-M820, BL-M785, BL-T785, BL-M675, BL-T675, BL-M640, BL-M596, BL-M820-B, BL-M785-B, BL-M675-B, BL-M640-B, BL-M615, BL-M506

MisMatch 1.2 fits Shimano brakes: BL-M9020, BL-M9000, BL-M8000, BL-M7000, BL-M6000

Shimano Shifters and MatchMaker X-equipped SRAM or Avid Brakes:



MisMatch 2.2 fits Shimano shifters with removable I-Spec integration plates: SL-M9000-I, SL-M8000-I
* Does NOT fit SL-M7000-I

*Note: if the model number is not listed here, we cannot guarantee compatibility. Please email info@problemsolversbike.com for help before purchasing.