Published: August 14, 2019 By: cduerkop
Last Modified: August 15, 2019

We’re no strangers to iron oxide. Every winter when the snow turns to ice, the State of Minnesota treats the roads to a steady diet of sodium—and lots of it. As a result, most cars around these parts start to develop a brown-swiss-cheese look to their undercarriage after a few years of use. For those of you vehicle shopping, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. The same salt that claims the underside of autos also wreaks havoc on our bicycles. Most frame builders or manufacturers do us the courtesy of providing us with a great paint job or powder-coat, which does a great job of protecting the outside of our frames, but the inside of the frame is still rust-prone when moisture works its way past bottom bracket seals or rainwater gets into the vent holes. That’s why the savviest of us have used Frame Saver for years to protect our bikes from the junkyard.

Frame Saver is new to Problem Solvers, but the product has been around since the mid-90’s. This bit of alchemy was concocted by J.P. Weigle, probably most well known recently (as in the last 20 years) for randoneur frames with exotic, fanciful lugs. But he’d been making road and mountain frames prior, since the late 70’s. In short, the man knows his steel.

A few years back, Weigle sold the inventory and formula to Echelon Performance Products and this summer, ownership passed to Quality Bicycle Products, INC, our exclusive distributor and parent company (aka Big Momma). We’re happy to add this piece of frame builder heritage to our product line of widgets that make the lives of the makers and builders and mechanics we know and love a little bit easier…and to save the frames from the scrap heap!

Stay tuned for a step-by-step guide to properly applying Frame Saver to your next steel steed, or buy your next can of Frame Saver here…